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Why SharePoint Training Is The Best Way to Learn Communication in Small Businesses

Communication training is one of the most important skills that a person looking to climb the corporate ladder can climb. However, it’s also equally as valuable to maintain these skills in small businesses. Employees who are strong in communications will always outperform their peers who neglect these essential skills. If you look at communications, though, you see that it is actually a very nuanced fields. There are many different sub-fields that complicate matters. One of these big differences is the conflict between the philosophies of traditional business and the newer AGILE viewpoints. Imagine if you ran into an English major who had devoted themselves to studying English – but not grammar, literary theory, or the classic works of literature. That would be a very odd education indeed, and yet people hold this viewpoint when it comes to the field of communications. In reality, there are many ideas and tools in communications, and one of these tools is Microsoft’s SharePoint training.

SharePoint Training for Small Businesses

What is SharePoint Training?

To ask what SharePoint training is, first we have to understand SharePoint. Microsoft SharePoint is a web application platform that was originally launched in 2001. Despite being over a decade old, SharePoint has a rich history and has been updated constantly to be in line with current business practices. SharePoint is focused around content management and document management at its core, but it also boasts significant capabilities beyond that to be a jack of all trades in the application world. If you are used to Microsoft Office, you’re in luck – the two applications are linked, and SharePoint’s interface has several similarities with Office.

SharePoint training offers two skill sets. The first is how to use SharePoint, and the second is to actually use it in the day to day work of a business. Small businesses get huge advantages from this training, as larger companies can often dispense the personnel needed to train people on their own. Smaller companies have to deal with economy of staff. A training session is the perfect way to pick up the skills without sacrificing the day to day efficiency of your company.

What Can SharePoint Do?

SharePoint is designed to have multiple purposes and functions, all based towards Web work and development. Even though users new to technology can use SharePoint, there is extra depth to those familiar with office work and software. Some of the features SharePoint boasts are:

  • Intranet Portals
  • Management for Documents
  • Collaboration Between Users
  • Social Networks
  • Extranets
  • Website Development and Management
  • Business Intelligence
  • Workflow Automation
  • Process Integration

How Do These Features Help My Small Business?

SharePoint helps increase communication between your businesses with these features. Many of them sound like empty business speak, but when you look at the practical applications, you may be surprised. Workflow automation, for instance, sets up a schedule that all of your employees can follow; expect an end to excuses about not being managed properly! This also frees up time for the managers to  do the work they need to do, instead of supervising. Collaboration lets your employees work together in  real-time – no more scheduling mishaps or games of telephone. These are huge benefits for a small business. Process integration gives a way to have a concrete example of the standards that your company strives for. With this list of standards in mind, employees have a tangible realization of what successful projects are.

How Can I Obtain SharePoint?

The small business owner on a budget will be delighted to learn that he or she can get Microsoft SharePoint at no cost, with two different versions from which to choose. If these versions fail to tickle your fancy and properly motivate your employees, never fear: there are premium editions that have additional features and cohesion to provide a better product for your business. With this selection of choices, you can pick whatever works for your company, be it a free option that has the minimum of features to help your business grow, or the full, paid version decked out with all the bells and whistles.

There are also alternative means to obtain SharePoint. For one, you can get the product through a cloud model. Many third-party vendors offer this model. This is a way that has convenience and control without dealing with Microsoft’s hoops for purchasing. Some vendors may choose this as a hassle free method that won’t require support. Arguably, the best method is to purchase the Office 365 platform. This gives you the full range of office products – ideal for a small business that needs to handle any task that comes its way – and also enjoy the cloud service that comes with the package.

If you’re a small business employee or owner who finds themselves routinely overwhelmed by the amount of work headed their way, or discouraged by the lack of communication between your teams, SharePoint Training can be the shot in the arm to revitalize your spirits and improve your company’s efficiency. Larger companies may have the manpower to spare for internal training, but when you’re a small business, being down multiple people for the sake of internal training can end up being a bigger risk than it’s worth. Make the right choice by embracing the training needed to master SharePoint and make your business even more of an efficient machine. You’ll see the results in your output and your organization.


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