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A SCRUM Course Can Make Your Programmers Produce Better Work, Faster

One of the most understood aspects in business and in life, is that we don’t always have control over the future even when we plan for it. Certain things change overnight, and what that means is that we have adapt to that change. If you work in the software development industry, you have most likely seen these kinds of situations unfold before. Working in this field, you know the importance of delivering high quality work in under tight deadlines, and it problems that arise can set you and your team back considerably. You may say that this problem is not new, and you what you really need is a solution to this problem. If you are a project manager, or anyone else who manages a team of programmers, consider enrolling or having your team enroll in a SCRUM course to equip your team with the skills necessary to work efficiently despite potential setbacks.

SCRUM course for programmers

Since When Does Knowing Rugby Make You a Better Project Manager?

If you are rugby fan, the use of the word SCRUM might throw you off. After all, what does a rugby term have to do with the software development industry? If you are not a rugby fan, then here is an explanation. The term is actually borrowed from the sport, since the concept of it can work in many industries including the software industry. In Rugby, the scrum is the method of re-starting the game if the ball goes out of play or if there is a minor rule violation, such as a forward pass or a knock on. The scrum works by players of each team forming a pack where their heads and necks are meshed together along with locked arms. They must use their strength and technique as the opposing sides push each other in order to get the ball back into play. Since the scrum doesn’t always go according to plan, the players need to be spontaneous and they need to be self-organizing. So how exactly does this translate to software development?

In 1986, university professors Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka adopted the rugby scrum into the world of business as a new way to increase the speed and flexibility of product development. Their idea was that just like the rugby team scrum, the whole development team engages in the project with cross-functional teams working with each other throughout all phases. The combined spontaneity and self-organization within each allows the team to react to situations as they occur, even if they are not according to plan. This allows the team to respond to situations without having to stall or spend excess time trying to go back and figure out what went wrong. As a project manager, taking a SCRUM course can help you learn how to work within a scrum arrangement for a company that uses this method. You will find many benefits to taking this course, as it will improve both your efficiency and as well as your programmer’s efficiency.

A SCRUM Course Will Teach You To Make The Most of Your Position

Enrolling in a SCRUM course will introduce you to the methods and techniques that the process uses. There are few methods that work quite effectively as SCRUM, but in order for you to be effective with it, you will need to learn the principles associated with it. Here are some of the elements you will learn in the course.

The SCRUM Process: You will learn the SCRUM process and the various steps involved with it. You will get acquainted with the concept of product backlogs, sprint backlogs, sprints, and the results stage. Another aspect that will benefit you is learning how the programmers have to deal with sudden changes in the development stages. If you are a project manager, this will help you to improve your management skills over them and devise ways to help correct the problem faster.

The Roles in the SCRUM Team: Organizations using the SCRUM method are able to make effective use of their workers in order to achieve goals faster and accurately. The course will teach you the more about the roles of the product owner, the development team, and the Scrum master, and how they all contribute to the operations of the team.

Iterations and Timeboxing: The course will also go in depth about the most basic units of the Scrum process. You will understand the essence of iterations (the repetition of activities throughout the development process carried out in sequence) and you will also learn the importance of working in a ‘timeboxed’ cycle. You will become efficient and learn how to work fast in a short space of time.

The SCRUM course is the first step to learning how to work in the SCRUM environment. Keep in mind that learning Scrum will make your job easier on many levels. The title of this article refers to making programmers more efficient. How does this affect your job as a project manager?

Playing the Field With Confidence

You may not be a rugby player locked in a pack of 200-pound plus players trying to get a ball into play, but you and your colleagues are like them in many ways. Rugby players need to be ready to adapt to all situations on the field, and you and your programming colleagues need to as well. As a project management professional, you need to be on the same page as your programmers and understand how effective their work is during all stages. When your programmers know how to work proficiently within the Scrum, they will be more able to meet your project management goals and guidelines more effectively. Here are some of the many of benefits to professionals who understand and use the Scrum methodology:

  • Measurable Results and Progress
  • Regular Feedback and Critique
  • Cross-Functionality and Self-organization
  • Better Face-to-face Communication
  • Increased Flexibility, Speed, and Accuracy
  • More Predictable Schedule
  • Identifies Problems Earlier/More Time to Fix Them

These benefits make the job easier for everyone, since your programmers will have better control over the development process. And in turn, this means that you as the project manager will be better able to meet client demands over matters of scheduling, budget, and quality.

Get in the SCRUM and Leave Hesitation Behind

As a project manager, you no doubt look for ways to improve not only your own efficiency, but the efficiency of all your colleagues. If you and your organization is aware of the benefits of Scrum methodology and are seeking to use the system, then a SCRUM Course is in order! Not only will the course teach you to be more efficient, but it will also teach you how to adapt and think creatively when situations arise. This will take your organization to new levels of productivity, and you may even do some innovative things along the way.


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