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Expand Your Knowledge with DB2 Training Courses

For most database application developers there is a moment when they realize that they should go back to upgrade their set of skills. It may take time for this realization to dawn on them, not everyone is struck like Newton under the tree – perhaps they see alluring database developer jobs popping, or they watch their developer friends and colleagues advancing their knowledge. DB2 training is also great for business owners (check out how you can use DB2 training in your business in this great article!) Whatever the case may be, one very interesting and prospective area to invest time is in IBM’s DB2 database. Luckily, there are quite a number of DB2 training courses for those who are interested.

DB2 Training to expand knowledge

Why DB2?

Why should someone investigate DB2 training? Those who do not have their ear to the rail so to speak may not quite understand what makes DB2 a great choice; let’s take a look at one of IBM’s most recent implementations.

IBM, Still Leading Innovation

One of the most exciting features to come from DB2 is the so called “Time Travel” feature. For years, those conducting SQL queries have been looking for a solution to the problem of making a query regarding a future set of data. The problem is that the data is either there, or not there. There has never been a simple solution to determine if the data will most likely be there in the future, without cumbersome and awkward plugin solutions. IBM has now implemented an SQL interpreter that is capable of performing temporal operations.

Concerned about the laws of physics? Don’t be, essentially what this feature allows for is the accessing of certain data in a state that it was in at a particular point in time. For instance if an insurance broker is conducting an investigation into an old claim and needs to reference the policy that was in place at that time. Simplifying those types of queries is the job of the new DB2 SQL interpreter.

Learn Intensive DB2 Knowledge

For most database administrators and developers who are in possession of some fundamental experience on other SQL platforms, attending DB2 training will simply be an exercise in learning a new way to do the same old things in on a new platform. There are a variety of fundamental differences between DB2 and other database solutions and many who seek to be proficient IBM DBAs will of course seek out the most structured intuitive training course available. There are quite a number of such courses for those individuals to attend ranging from fundamentals to specialist applications of DB2 implementation. Whether you are seeking to become a full database administrator or are an applications developer who needs to gain a deep understanding of the DB2 you can find a training course to suit your needs.


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